One of the most important steps when choosing your wedding photographer is to look for real groom reviews about their experience with the photographers.

A photographer may be capable of capturing and deliver fabulous images, but without first reading real review from real clients, you won´t be safe about their social skills and general service.

Here are some reviews from recent clients that booked us to shoot and film their wedding.

A big thank you for the kind words from our lovely grooms. You´ll be forever in our hearts.


“Since the first meeting the empathy was notorious, the best i can say is that we felt like friends were making a report about our story! In terms of quality of work the photos talk for themselves, natural images it lots of good taste and proficiency. Taking into account their´re phenomenal persons with a performance of excellence, what more could we ask for ?” – Carolina

“Excellent people and very professional. I recommend to everyone and for every occasion. A 5 star service, an affordable price with lots of quality. They accompanied me whenever possible, gave their opinion and their photos are the best!” – Maria


“I vividly recommend. Filipe and Cristina are really professionals and they really know what their´re doing. They calmed us down overtime we needed and are not one of those annoying photographers that take photos for anything and everything. They took the right photos and they got magnificent. I thank them for the 5 star service. If you´re looking for a photographer i recommend, you´ll be very well served!”


“Excellent professionals, very approachable, pleasant and with good taste! They made an excellent job in our wedding. They let us super comfortable and they catch key moments when we least expect. The photos got beautiful!” – Carina

“Excellent professionals with a serious accompaniment since the first meeting till the delivery of the album. Lots of attention to detail and quality technical counseling. They really contributed for our day to become timeless. Thank you.” – Marco


“Timeless Studio was recommended by a friend and it was the best choose i´ve ever made. They´re excellent humans with an exceptional professionalism. The friendship stays. Be happy professionally and in your personal level.